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03:50 Hannah Mcclure Starlight Old For New Lyric Video
05:31 Bethel Music // Drum Tutorial Old For New
07:51 Old For New // Hannah Mcclure // Bethel Music Heaven Come Conference
07:00 Paul Mcclure We Will Not Be Shaken Jesus We Love You Official Lyric Video
15:06 New Wine Resurrecting Peter Mattis Bethel Music Worship
03:49 Bethel Music & Hannah Mcclure Old For New
06:12 Steffany Gretzinger Amanda Cook Starlight Extravagant Lyric Video
05:21 Amanda Cook Brave New World Pieces Official Lyric Video
04:25 Jeremy Riddle & Steffany Gretzinger Bethel Music Moment You Make All Things New Spontaneous
05:38 Amanda Cook Starlight Starlight Lyric Video
06:26 Francesca Battistelli Starlight God I Look To You Lyric Video
03:35 Bethel Music Solo Piano Cover OLD FOR THE NEW
03:50 Bethel Music Drum Cover Sam Tan Old For New
07:00 Bethel Music And Paul Mcclure Jesus We Love You
06:48 Bethel Live W/ Lyrics Closer
05:25 William Matthews Have It All Glory To Glory Official Lyric Video
06:19 Kristene Dimarco Starlight Take Courage Lyric Video