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03:18 Star Spangled Banger Prod Brian Spencer The Marine Rapper
03:53 Purge Prod By Brian Spencer The Marine Rapper
05:01 Gunshots Feat. The Marine Rapper Elliott McKenzie
01:01 Anti Military Teacher Diss! THE MARINE RAPPER
03:00 American Thug Prod By Brian Spencer Audio The Marine Rapper
00:52 Gunny Ermey Tribute Rap!
03:23 Complacency Kills
00:54 Havana Marine Mix Camila Cabello
02:21 Nightmrica
00:54 David Hogg Diss!
02:50 So We Could Live Audio/Prod By Tobes The Marine Rapper
04:02 Blood Sweat Tears THE MARINE RAPPER
03:20 Camouflage
03:05 Bash
00:39 Iraq War Vet Responds To Eminem!
00:57 Gun Control Rap THE MARINE RAPPER
01:00 Veteran Responds To Nike Ad!