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06:07 A Walk In Harlem J Paul Getto Remix
06:16 A Walk In Harlem Original Mix Tete De La Course
01:34 A Walk In Harlem Original Mix Promo Tete De La Course
56:38 Club House Special Mix #02/
05:55 My Knee
07:02 Imma Let You Know Magnetic Cuts V 2 J Paul Ghetto
05:55 The Vibe J Paul Getto
03:10 10th Day Feat. Born Music J Paul Getto
07:02 99 J Paul Getto Remix Bordertown
2:00:03 Fogbank Radio 032 With Lebedev Ru J Paul Getto
05:07 10th Day Club Mix Fogbank J Paul Getto & Born I Music
46:18 Hed Kandi Timeless By Dj Alex Cudeyo
05:44 House Sensation Original Mix CZR & J Paul Getto
05:42 Comfort You J Paul Getto Remix
05:40 J Paul Getto 3000
05:11 Destination J Paul Getto
02:46 Kort Feat. Jessica Symonds For You J Paul Getto Remix Tvjm