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04:34 Fall Into The Light Track By Track DREAM THEATER
07:05 Fall Into The Light Official Animation Video DREAM THEATER
06:15 Untethered Angel Official Video DREAM THEATER
17:34 Dream Theater Distance Over Time Studio Walk Through Interview
06:35 The Dance Of Eternity Breaking The Fourth Wall Dream Theater
04:27 Another Day Official Video Dream Theater
08:14 "Pull Me Under" Dream Theater
1:17:13 "Scenes From A Memory" Subt Español Dream Theater Metropolis Pt 2
06:15 Untethered Angel
06:40 The Spirit Carries On Dream Theater
47:14 Dream Theater In The Name Of God Reaction!!!
05:30 Wither Official Video Dream Theater
24:01 Octavarium Hq Dream Theater
04:09 Dream Theater Our New World Official Video
07:11 Fall Into The Light New Album Distance Over Time DREAM THEATER
05:02 The Looking Glass Official Video Dream Theater
06:15 Untethered Angel Distance Over Time First Single Dream Theater