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02:02 Ducktales From &Quot Ducktales&Quot /Extended Version/Audio Only Felicia Barton
02:36 Opening Theme Song Cover By Jonathan Young DuckTales
02:49 Duck Tales Theme Full Version
04:23 Ducktales Remastered Music DuckTales Theme And Credit Medley
01:35 Ducktales Theme Song Cover In 10 Genres Andrew Huang & Sam Tsui
1:00:40 Ducktales Theme Song 1 Hour
02:01 Ducktales Theme Song Club Mickey Mouse Malaysia
02:54 Ducktales Theme Extended
00:58 Ducktales Season 1 Vs Season 2 Theme Comparison
02:31 Fly Music Video Marshmello X DuckTales
01:57 Ducktales Mashup And Versions
01:57 Ducktales Music Video But With The Theme
01:59 Opening Theme Song Extended Cover By Swiblet DuckTales
01:04 Ducktales Old And New And Champions Theme Comparison
01:33 The Moon Theme DuckTales Music NES
02:21 Ducktales Theme Orchestral Version
02:49 Ducktales Original Full Length Theme Song Studio Quality Recording