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05:02 Ready For This Official Video Kandi
04:21 Leave U Official Video Kandi
03:21 Don T Think I M Not Video Kandi
04:42 Haven T Loved Right Official Video Kandi
03:32 U And Dat Feat.Uring T Pain & Kandi Girl Video
05:18 Kandi Burruss Feat. Tiny Superwoman
03:54 Fly Above Kandi Burruss
04:38 Demetria Mckinney Feat. Kandi "Unnecessary Trouble"
05:10 Legs To The Moon Feat. Kandi Official Video Rasheeda
03:36 How Could You Feel My Pain Official Video Kandi
04:35 Kandi "Leave U" Official Lyric Video
04:24 Easier Kandi
04:13 Kandi Stay Prayed Up
04:38 Unnecessary Trouble Demetria McKinney
03:32 Just Kickin It Xscape
02:17 Top 7 Awesome Hit Songs You May Not Know She Wrote Kandi Burruss
08:28 Rasheeda Feat.Uring Toya Diamond Lola Monroe & Kandi "Bedrock" Remix